Christmas Kids Craft: Model Magic Gingerbread Wreath

Here is a fun way to craft with all ages. Everyone can make a few "gingerbread" cutouts to create one family wreath or older kids can create their own wreaths. This would make a cute bedroom door decoration.

Supplies: Model Magic (it is lighter than clay), Paper Plate, Scissors, Glue, Cookie Cutters, Hole Punch, Fine Glitter & Ribbon

Tip: Use a plastic place mat or wax paper to roll out your MM.

Cut out your "gingerbread" shapes, ice them with glue and dust them with liberal amounts of fine glitter.
Cut out center of paper plate by folding plate in half and cutting along embossed line.
Assemble your "cookies" onto the paper plate and glue down.

I glued ours down while they were still slightly pliable. Doing so allowed the pieces to mold to the slightly concave edge of the paper plate.
Add a ribbon to hang.

I don't know if you can tell, we had a broken foot on the lower right gingerbread man. Watch out that you don't roll your MM to thin. The good news is, the MM glues together beautifully.

Have a great weekend!

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