Christmas Ornament Craft: Glittered Sea Shells

Em and I  saw the prettiest glittered sea shells in a local boutique. The "I could do that" bell rang in my head (you know that bell! I know it happens to you too my crafty readers!)... well, here you go!

Supplies: Sea Shells, Glue, Paint Brush, Fine Glitter*, Hot Glue Gun, Ornament Hanger

*Tip: fine glitter is smaller than regular kids craft glitter. It can be a more expensive than regular glitter so pick it up on sale or when you have a coupon. It makes a big difference in the finished look.

We have jars of sea shells at home from all our summer excursions at the beach.

All we did was dip a paintbrush in Mod Podge and paint onto the shell until the exterior is covered.

Tip: clean off glue from little hands before starting the glitter part!

Add glitter. Let dry. Tap off excess glitter. 

Heat up hot glue gun**. 

**Tip: You don't need an expensive glue gun. I have a cheapo one. I like the dual tempature ones just make sure you buy the correct glue sticks that go with your glue gun.

Squirt a glop of hot glue on the inside. Add a ornament hanger or ribbon. Let dry and hang on tree.

These would make great accents on the outside of a package.

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