Pine Cone Bird Feeders

The weather has started to get colder. We even found snow blanketing our lawn yesterday morning. The colder weather brings back such wonderful memories of my cold weather childhood traditions. The girls and I have found we are starting some cold weather traditions of our own.

Walking through the woods in the fall has become a favorite activity of ours. Hearing the leaves crunch under our feet and collecting pine cones. Lu remembered us making pine cone bird feeders last year and asked to make them again. We use Crisco because Lu is out growing her allergy to peanuts. I gave the girls Popsicle sticks to use as knives. I tied a ribbon onto the end of the pine cone. I gave them each a container of Crisco to coat the pine cone with. Then they each had a large plastic container with bird seed in it. The rolled and sprinkled their pine cones with the seed.

Afterwards we toasted marshmallows in the fire place...

What cold weather traditions do you have with your children?

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