Preschool At Home: Newspaper Delivery Toss Game

So I recently made some classroom goodies for my daughter's 
preschool teacher (table games, manipulatives)
and asked her to please let me know 
if there were any thematic units or 
specific games she would like me to make 
for the classroom. 

She took me up on the offer,
and shared this great idea with me.

It was so cute (and easy to make) that I had to share it with you too!

She had clipped the idea from a teacher newsletter
once upon a time and asked if I could make one.

So here you have it,
a Newspaper Toss, 
Newspaper Delivery Game.
Great practice for that hand-eye coordination. 
I painted a simple house (with acrylic craft paint) on a piece of 
foam core
that we just lean against the wall. 
(easy to clean up and store out of the way!)

Then, wrapped some gift wrap around a box
from our recycling stash 
(about the size of a shoe box)

Set it up on the floor in front of the front door. 

Then I bundled up some mini newspapers
with rubber bands
(each paper was about 9" long

Step back and toss them to the house, 
try to get them in the box!

 You probably have everything you need to make your own
at home (or in your classroom) right now. 

Happy Newspaper Delivery!

pink and green mama,

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