In the Spotlight - Gunnies Collectables

Ok, so some of the terms in this introduction may not make sense unless you're a collector.  But if you happen to be one,  this next stallholder will be sure to interest you!

Robyn has been enjoying making bears for approx 15 years & describes her designs as contemporary, colourful, with each having personality, attitude & individuality. Each bear is larger than life and definitely very cuddly! Not only is Robyn creating the bears herself, she also takes pleasure in teaching the craft at one day workshops to her students.

Not content with just bear-making, Robyn has recently explored PAVERPOL statues and Flower Buddies are other creative ventures. (there's some of those names I was referring too)
So what can you expect at the Gunnies Collectables stall?
1. Handmade one of a kind or Limited Edition Collectable Bears,Cats, Dogs and other animal companions.

2. Handmade PAVERPOL indoor/outdoor, one of a kind garden statues.

3. Flower Buddies (newest products) - Handmade mini statues decorated with flower petals, leaves, berries & twigs.

This all intrigues me so much that I can't wait to visit Robyn's stall in February.  The extra enticement of  10% off all Gunnies Collectables & 10% off all PAVERPOL statues doesn't go astray either!
In the Spotlight - Gunnies Collectables

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