In the Spotlight - Houglass Photography

Major cuteness alert!!!  Vaness Petri, owner of Hourglass Photography, is in the business of magically transporting your little fairies into a stunning miniature landscape.  A place she likes to call "Fairyland".  Encounter giant mushrooms, spectacular living moss and sparkling spiderwebs. Fairies will be granted wings, and of course the all important pixiedust.

All elements of the final product are from photographs taken by Vanessa. Each tiny detail is created with painstaking precision, leaving the viewer wondering "where was that taken?" On offer at the market will be a special discounted Fairyland session rate of $50 (normally $150) to those who pay on the day.
Hourglass Photography studio is located in Carey Bay Shopping Village (Toronto). We offer fine art childrens photography - with our specialty being "Fairyland" Portraits !"Where you believe there is will find it." the Spotlight - Houglass Photography

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