In the Spotlight - Ready Made Recipes

With the flavours of Christmas treats but a distant memory now I thought it time appropriate to introduce you to Ready-Made Recipes
Ready-Made Recipes make perfect gifts for the less experienced chef, teens or even for the elderly who have trouble measuring. All of the dry ingredients are in the jar or packet. You just add very simple ingredients you should already have on-hand and cook it.

I LOVE this concept  for so many reasons but to name just a few ...
  • Each gift keeps for up to a year and are great for any occasion. Rainy day activity? School holiday boredom buster?
  • You can give them away or keep them for yourself.
  • They are convenient to have in the cupboard for that last minute meal if your too busy to plan dinner, or if you are invited to a dinner party and you don't know what to bring. Especially if food is not your forte.
  • You can take them away with you on holidays so you don't have to get take-away every night.
  • They also have GLUTEN FREE recipes.
Ready-Made Recipes is not just food based.  They also have gift tags, greeting cards bath salts, massage oil, and body wash scented with essential oils.. 
Ready-Made Recipes  will be at our February 19th market at Bridgecoast Stadium but be sure to visit their website HERE or facebook HERE to see their new releases & special offers. In the Spotlight - Ready Made Recipes

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