Homemade Christmas: Homemade Nativity

Get ready for my latest favorite craft project! 
How stinkin' cute is this little Nativity?! 

This mama has been down for three weeks
with the Worst. Cold. Ever.
Long story short -- my new hobby is "coughing."

It has meant a lot of time spent indoors
so we've been keeping busy with 
art projects and crafts
 made with 
stuff that's already in the house. 

"C" (age 3.5) and I decided to make our own 
homemade Nativity last friday.
My kitchen table still has glue gun glue
and glitter residue on it but it was totally worth it.
"C" did a great job and it sure is cute!

We made the manger with the 
Shutterfly box our Christmas cards arrived in.
I cut out the front with a knife and she and I 
worked together to glue popsicle sticks to the outside.

We left a hole in the top to stick our
pencil angel. 

"C" drew faces for Joseph, Mary, the Angel,
and Baby Jesus. 

I love Joseph's soul patch
and Mary's Eyelashes!

We made Joseph and Mary by wrapping
toilet paper tubes with felt and gluing
fabric scraps on them.

The Angel started with a cardboard
shape I cut out of the leftover box front
with a fabric scrap dress.
 "C" cut out and added doily wings
and another sweet face.

I glue-gunned a colored pencil
(that never worked well anyway)
to the back of the angel
so we could stick her in the top of the manger.

Yes, we used a wine cork
to make Baby Jesus.
(I thought it was kind of funny)

We wrapped and glued a swaddle
of scrap fabric and added another cute "C" drawn face.

For the cradle, we used another toilet paper tube
with two pieces glued to the bottom for feet.
Added another scrap of fabric inside to 
make it "fancy" 

We didn't have a sparkly star
so we added glue and gold Martha Stewart glitter dust
to a foam craft star
that mama glue-gunned to the top of the manger.

We glued some raffia in the bottom of the manger
to be the "hay." 

When it was all dry, 
"C" set up the manger with visiting ponies,
sheep, and unicorns. 
Gifts of gold rocks, gems, and presents 
from the three wise Polly Pockets.

If you look carefully at the last photo
you might be able to see that she also
glued some doily snow flakes
on the back wall of the manger.
She worked so hard to cut them out carefully
and said they had to be there because, 
"Baby Jesus was born on a cold winter night" 

"C" loves her new Nativity set and so does 
our whole family. 
I think I'll be setting this one up for 
many, many years! 

Happy Celebrating!

pink and green mama,

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