Homemade Christmas: Toy Kitty Cat Carrier

My little 3.5 year-old "C" is OBSESSED with Kitty Cats.
She has quite a collection of stuffed kitty friends.

They all have names and distinct personalities.
She even has a "real" (pink) kitty bed upstairs in her room
that I let her buy on sale (with a coupon!) 
at the pet store earlier this year.

It's a really easy way to corral all of her plush feline friends.

She also loves carrying them around the house
but that usually means that mommy has to transport
6-8 kitties up and down the stairs several times a day.

I decided she needed a little cat carrier to keep
her furry friends contained and portable. 

My solution after looking at several 
overpriced and ugly "real" carriers
was to make my own with stuff I already had in the house!

I used plastic needlepointing mesh material,
I don't know what this stuff is actually called!

I used one "Whole" Sheet of Plastic Mesh (far left above) as the topper
(10 1/4" by 13 1/2"),
One Rectangle as the Bottom (approx. 6" x10")
One skinny Rectangle as the Handle (7 1/2"x 2")
and Two Curved Semi-Circle Pieces 
as the Back of the carrier and  Front Door (approx. 6 1/2" wide by 6" tall). 

I'm sorry about the wacky dimensions, this was one of those
make-it-up-as-I-go projects so I was just
cutting stuff out and using scraps I had to make it work, 
(I really didn't want to go to the store!)

Same with how I sewed it together...
I just started stitching pieces together while sitting on the couch!

I did the little front door last. 

Stitching away with pink yarn and a big
embroidery needle. 

Side view of the cat carrier
(also known as a mesh mail box with a handle)

View of the front of the carrier.

Pink elastic Ponytail holder stitched to the door
to be the "clasp" for the door. 

"Samantha" cat and "Strawberry" cat check out their new digs!

How many kitties can this thing hold?

Such a happy Cat Mama, she even brought 
her cat carrier to school for Show and Tell!

Happy Crafting!

pink and green mama,

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  1. i had seen this awhile ago and remembered it today when my little one became obsessed with finding a home for her little pets. thanks for a great idea- worked out perfectly!