Indian Corn Bubble Wrap Printmaking

The girls and I made these bubble wrap
to send to family and friends
that wouldn't be with us to celebrate

I thought I'd re-post this craft
in case you want to recreate it 
with your own children
or in your classroom this year. 

Start with some scraps of plastic bubble wrap.

Paint with layers of orange,
yellow, and red washable tempera or acrylic craft paint.

Press your painted bubble wrap 
onto sheets of brown, orange, yellow
construction paper. 

(Brown paper grocery bags would be cool too!)  

Keep some baby wipes or a wet rag handy
to clean up painty fingers and hands as you work!

After the paint has dried, 
trace your child's feet to make the corn cobs
and let them cut them out. 

Happy Bubble Wrap Printing! 

pink and green mama,

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