Preschool At Home: Clothespin Turkey Fine Motor Practice

He needed a friend.

I saw a clever activity like this 
on a preschool blog (Montessori Beginnings) with a
 paper plate turkey and feather clothespins. 

I loved the feathered clothespin idea
so of course, I had to whip out my glue gun
the other night and make some of our own. 
(while I was cooking dinner -- 
we seem to do a lot of last minute crafts this way!) 

I also drew a turkey for "C" on a piece of
 stiff brown felt
with Sharpie markers

Great fine motor, pinching, practice
for my favorite 3-year-old!

You can see my favorite 7-year-old
in the background sitting at the piano
(she was playing "Over The River and Through The Woods" for us!)

 We made two turkeys;
one to keep at home
and one for my daughter's preschool class.

Gobble! Gobble!

pink and green mama,

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