In the Spotlight - Erin Louise

We're a little bit excited to have this next stallholder at our February markets! Erin Louise has a huge following in Sydney - & beyond - & after seeing her creations we're sure you will understand why.
Erin Lalor (designer) launched a new brand in 2011, Luv Lou, a compliment to her beautiful designer range Erin Louise. Luv Lou epitomises the young Australian woman who is looking for something unique, yet affordable. Luv Lou is sourced overseas, yet embellished or altered by herself.
A perfect match for her already stunning collection, the two brands create an incredible affair that many women want, have, need.

Visit erin louise on the 19th February at the Handmade Craft Market at Terrigal & be sure to visit her facebook page in the meantime.
In the Spotlight - Erin Louise

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