In the Spotlight - Little Tee Tee Boutique

This next stallholder is no stranger, having been at the last 3 markets. Up until now, Little Tee Tee was the destination for lovers of girly-girl clothes & gorgeous hair accessories. But now there is more deliciousness in the form of delicate laces, shabby chic flowers, crochet doilies & beautiful trims available for purchase!

So if you've been looking for the 'finishing touches' to your own creations, be sure to visit Little Tee Tee's stall.  Oh,  & if you're lucky enough to be one of the first to her stall, you'll get first pick of the suitcase full of discounted embellishments! 

If you want to start your market shopping list, visit Little Tee Tee's two facebook pages (HERE for clothing/accessories or HERE for laces & trims).In the Spotlight - Little Tee Tee Boutique

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